Robot 2.0 Full Movie Watch Online

ROBOT 2.0 Full Movie watch Online

Robot 2.0 or 2.0 movie is a successor of movie Robot as same in Robot movie here in this movie also the main lead role of scientist as well as the hero "Robot"


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Robot 2.0 Full movie watch online

 lets now I will tell You about the cast of the movie

Cast of movie ROBOT 2.0

Rajinikanth                  ...    Dr. Vaseegaran / Chitti
Akshay Kumar             ...    Pakshi Rajan
Amy Jackson               ...    Nila
Adil Hussain                ...    Minister Vijay Kumar
Sudhanshu Pandey       ...    Dhinendra Bohra
Kalabhavan Shajohn    ...    Telecom Minister
Ananth N M                 ...    Scientist
Mayilsamy                   ...    Telecom Minister's Assistant
Ishari Ganesh               ...    Jeyanth Kumar
Kaizaad Kotwal           ...    Manoj Lulla
Bharath Reddy             ...    Police Officer
Maya S. Krishnan        ...    College Student 

 This is that cast which is visible as a main character apart from this there is lots of people are not displayed here and lots of person which are working behind the camera are also not listed.

Short overview of movie Robot 2.0 

 When mobiles start flying from people's hands, Dr Vaseegaran and his robot Nila are requested to help. However, due to Pakshi Rajan having a hand in this, the two need to reinstate Chitti to defeat him.

 "So this is the short overview of movie Robot 2.0 movie"

 Brief Overview or Story of Full movie Robot 2.0 

It's been an extended wait for movie star Rajinikanth's "2.0", which has subsequently hit the screens, and it can be said with assurance that it would not disappoint. It takes a socially relevant surroundings related problem and offers it a science-fiction twist, which ends up in an insanely and illogically a laugh movie that receives powered by breathtaking visuals and Rajinikanth in his bubbling self.

  An insanely, illogically fun science-fiction extravaganza (Movie Review) Haricharan Pudipeddi (IANS) 29 November 2018 2 Film: "2.0"; Director: S.Shankar; Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Adil Hussain and Sudhanshu Pandey; Rating: ***1/2 Get Moneylife's Top Stories via Email It's been an extended wait for celeb Rajinikanth's "2.0",

which has ultimately hit the screens, and it is able to be said with guarantee that it doesn't disappoint. It takes a socially applicable environment related hassle and offers it a science-fiction twist, which leads to a n insanely and illogically fun film that gets powered through breathtaking visuals and Rajinikanth in his bubbling self. The wait and the hype have been worth it, and Shankar and Rajinikanth, in one in all their maximum formidable collaborations, hit this one out of the park and they do it in style.

 Set in a world in which birds are dealing with extinction due to high emission of radiation from cellular towers, an ornithologist (Pakshi Rajan), played through Akshay Kumar, takes it upon himself to combat for the motive as he tries to make all people understand that the world isn't simply an area for humans. However, whilst he realises all his efforts are going waste, he seeks revenge and the occasions that follow shape the crux of the story. Given the size on which it is mounted, "2.0" works magnificently or even the minor flaws are negligible.

 It's the primary Indian movie to be shot entirely in 3-d, and boy the visuals are a treat to observe on he large display. While there are not any special elements that raise the 3D viewing experience, however the visuals are fluid and top-notch. For instance, the image of a zillion mobile telephones giving form to Akshay's person and transferring like a wave on the ground and in the sky isn't just exciting, however flat out splendid to observe and it warrants a 3-d viewing. It takes a visionary to even imagine something as outlandish as this and there isn't a higher instance than Shankar in Indian cinema. "" gives us multiple avatars of Rajinikanth and each model is higher and funnier than its previous version.

 Rajinikanth returns as scientist Vaseegaran, a character he popularised in "Enthiran", the first a part of the franchise. He also returns as Chitti, the robot who later becomes 2.0, an upgraded version. Vaseegaran and Chitti don't quite make an effect and play their elements aptly, however 2.0 is the show stealer and Rajinikanth in this avatar charms us along with his wit and lively display screen presence.

The action stretch providing 2.0 and Akshay's Birdman avatar is undeniably the most insane sequence one could've seen in current times. Akshay Ku mar makes a strong south debut in a negative role but one which tugs at your heartstrings on some occasions. His flashback episode delivers an emotional punch to what's in any other case a science-fiction motion flick with not tons soul.
There's solid reasoning in the back of his decision to turn evil, and if not for Shankar and his vision, it would've grew to become out to be a joke. The scenes in which he transforms into a Birdman are absolutely thrilling visuals that supply a large bang for bucks. "2.0" is Shankar's glorious return to shape after the extraordinarily disappointing "I" proposing Vikram. He attracts us into a international of humanoid robots, synthetic intelligence and electromagnetic radiation.

Unlike most science-fiction films, takes the commercial course to entertain, accordingly does stumble upon as illogical at places however that's what makes it insanely a laugh. Shankar knows how to cross overboard without making his attempt look superficial and he achieves it effortlessly in "2.0"

Robot 2.0 Free download in Full hd 720p,480p

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Robot 2.0 full hd movie Watch Online 

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