16 Unknown Facts about Bollywood Star - Akshay Kumar

So here the List of the facts about Akshay Kumar

16 Unknown facts about Akshay Kuamr.

unkown facts about akshay kumar

1. Akshay Kumar real name is Rajiv Bhatia.He named Himself Akshay Kumar as this name was given to him in his First Film and he likes that very much and from that time He is Akshay Kumar

2. Akshay kumar is a that Actor who never says anything bad about any Actor. He always says all good about every other Actor. He respects every other other actor

unkown facts akshay kumar
source instagram of akshay kumar

 3. Akshay Kumar is Living a Controversy Free Life.

4. Akshay Kumar done Movies of all almost every Genre's (Action, Social Message, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Historical fiction,  Horror, Magical realism, Mystery, Paranoid fiction, Philosophical, Political, Romance, Saga, Satire, Science fiction, Social, Speculative, Thriller )

unkown facts about akshay kumar
source instagram of akshay kumar

5. Akshay Kumar want to join Armed Force in his next Birth.

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6. Akshay Kumar usually Completes the Full movie Shooting around Just 40 Days
  • Housefull 3 - 37 Days
  • Jolly L.L.b 2 - 33 Days
  • Mujse Shadi Karogi - 31 Days
  • Rustom - 38 Days
  • Padman - 38-40 Days)

unkown facts about akshay
source instagram of akshay kumar

7. Akshay Kumar is usually Gives what the director in Just First Shot.

8. As Every ohter Human Akshay Kumar also works 6 days a week and takes a holiday on Sunday. He only works till 2 P.M on Staurday's.

unkown factsakshay kumar
source instagram of akshay kumar
9. Akshay Kumar is the First bollywood actor who done a movie (Robot 2.0) of budget 550 Crore. Considering Rhajnikant as a Tollywood Actor.

10. Inspite having money Akshay Kumar Usually Not organize and attends Late night parties.

11. Akshay Kumar Never Drinks Alchol, Never Smokes.

12. Akshay Kumar done 5 Hits in a single year in 1994.

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13. Akshay Kumar had the most Bollywood movie releases in a single Year - 11 Release In A Year(1994).

source instagram of akshay kumar

14. Bollywood Actor Akshay kumar have the lead in releasing highest number of Successful movies - 51 Movies.

15. Akshay Kumar launched 3 100cr Movies In Single Year Two Super Hit & One Hit Bollywood movies and that lucky year for him is 2016.

16. Akshay Kumar Is the only Bollywood Actor who have 28 Hit movies in Bollywood.

 Akshay Kumar is from one the best actor in Bollywood and their are many unknown facts about akshay kumar which you have to definately check if you want to know about akshay kumar unknown facts

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