12 Records breaked by CarryMinati Tiktok vs Youtube Video

CarryMinati Video Records

 Now That Video of CarryMinati is Down by Youtube

Here are some of the records that are Breaked by CarryMinati Tiktok vs Youtube Video .

But if you have not watched that video till now then give it a Watch to see why its going so popular.

CarryMinati Uploaded a new Video in His Channel and now thatbecomes the most liked Video of Youtube In India

Here is that Video

 12 Milestones Achieved by CarryMinati Tiktok vs Youtube Video  


1.  Achieved 1 Million Likes Fastest in India in Just 2 Hours

Carry Minati [Ajey Nagar] achieved record breaking 1,000,000 likes in just 2 hours that is even a dream for views for most of the famous Youtubers. And he will definately a milestone that will not be eaisly going to break. Specially by a Single creator.

2.  Achieved 2 Million Likes Fastest in India in Just 5 Hours

Ajey Nagar aka Carry Minati have asked for 2 million likes in video and set that asgoal for that video tiktok vs Youtube But who knows that will going to get that fastest on Youtube , Just in 5 hours later after uploading the video.

3. Achieved 3 Million Likes Fastest in India in Just 9 Hours

One more milestone on the video Youtube vs Tiktok of Carryminati achieved is that it have gained 3 million likes in just such a short span of time. It is great success for a Single creator.

 4.  Achieved 4 Million Likes Fastest in India in Just 17 Hours

Another is also regarding Likes on video Tiktok vs Youtube for achieving fastest 4 million likes in just 17 hours. That is not achieved by Even in terms of views by any single creator.

5. Achieved 5 Million Likes Fastest in India in Just 22 Hours

One more milestone achieved is of 5 Million likes in just 22 Hours. Even Ajey didn't think off that he is going to rock the industry after uploading the video.

6. [New Record in India ] Liked by 5.2 Million People in 24 Hours

Not even Songs gets these number of likes in 24 hours Carry Minati video Youtube vs Tiktok have title of getting fastest in just 24 hours in India.

7.  Second Most Liked Video in 24 Hours Worldwide

In all Around the world till date most liked video is Despacito and then who cames if is Carryminati who is a solo creator and achieved 5.2 Million likes in just 24 hours. That is a proud moments for carry Fans.

8.  Have Highest Number of Likes In Youtube Worldwide.

If we removes songs from the list then as per time to likes ratio of this video Youtube vs Tiktok is highest it may definately break the record of Mr. Beast Video as it going like rocket. the video is given below of Mr. beast which have now highest number of likes.


9.  Second Number on Comments In India Youtube.

In India this Video has got around 900k comments till now 3.04PM 5/14/2020. The People are very crazy about the video and the topic tiktok vs Youtube is now hot topic for people these days. Thats why this is happening.

10. [Worldwide] Highest Comments count in 24 Hours.

This Video achieved highest number of Comments Counts if we compare with any other video on youtube as per record of 24 hours.

11. [Worldwide] Highest Subscriber Gain in 24hours

CarryMinati gained around 1.3 millions Subscriber gain in just 24 hours this is a new milestone for whole Youtube worldwide.

12.  Holding Number 8 Position for View count [24 hours] in India 

It is the 8th Video in India as per View Count Including Songs which have done paid promotion and this video is up without any paid promotion.


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