Harsh Beniwal New Video Youtube vs TikTok Breaking Records

Harsh Beniwal breaking CarryMinati records

First of all I want to tell you about the topic of the video that is

YouTube vs TikTok

Harsh Beniwal Youtube vs TikTok
Harsh Beniwal breaking records

Harsh Beniwal Youtube vs Tiktok

 launched a new video with hashtag


The video talked about what's going on a Tiktoker life specially in a life of a "cringe" Tiktoker

You must give it a watch

Harsh Beniwal Just published a new video to his channel and that video is getting very good response from His fans that video is going viral like a fire

Video have just hanged the YouTube app

Youtube is showing only 487k views and likes 700k

This video is also going more viral than CarryMinati Video as of now (just one hour of launching this video gets 700k likes). 

CarryMinati Video takes 2 hours to get 1 million likes but this video have crossed that limit too.

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