Mr. Faisu Video is Breaking Records for Dislikes on Youtube

Mr. Faisu has recently uploaded a new Video on his Youtube Account. Mr Faisu is showing a vlog of their song Shooting - Bewafai.

mr faisu
Mr. Faisu Most Disliked Creator of Youtube

After uploading Video on Mr. Faisu Channel

1.) Mr. Faisu Video comes on Treanding Section in just 24 hours.

2.) Mr. faisu Video comes in Treanding 1 on Youtube.

It is very good for Mr Faisu that his First Video Comes to Treanding No.1 of his Channel. As this is also a dream for many Yotube channels that are running from a very long period of time.

But here is Twist

Every 5th Person Watching his Video is diliking Mr Faisu Video

Mr. Faisu Video Becomes the Most Disliked Video of India The Video gets more than 2 Million of Dislikes as of Now.

Mr Faisu have only around 8 Million Views and have 1.7 Million Dislikes.

Mr. Faisu had becomes the Most Disliked Non music Video All around the World.

If you want to watch that video that have a title -

Exploring Shillong | Shoot Diaries | Mr. Faisu

This Video is breaking all records for Most Disliked Video On Youtube.

Reason For Dislikes.

He is a Tiktok creator.

He is a friend of some bad social Media Person - Amir Siddiqi (I Don't want to check his name spelling on youtube)

His Friends are saying something in Videos on their Social Handles and Talking Abusive on Calls

Here are call Records of Amir Siddique

Please Wear your earphones before Playing this Video

So here are Some Facts and Figures for Mr. Faisu is Most Disliked Creator on Youtube. Mr faisu video have highest Number of Dislikes on Youtube.

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