Meaniing of Bambiha Bole - Bambhia Bole Song Meaning

Maybe you are hereafter listing Song Bambhia Bole of Amrit Mann And Sidhu Moose Wala

Hi friends today I am going to tell you that what Bambiha Bole means maybe you have listened to the song of Amrit Maan and Sidhu Moosewala Bambiha Bole

Bambhia Bole Meaning

So basically Bambiha Bole means

 You have seen a Bird Bambia " Jacobin cuckoo "  in pre-monsoon to monsoon season. Here are some of the pics of bird the bird also known as Jacobin cuckoo 

bambhia bole meaning in hindi

bambia bole meaning

meaning of bambhia bole

bambia bole song meaning

 Now I am going to tell you why the song name the  

Bambiha Bole means

You may have visited a Gurudwara anytime in your life in gurudwara a famous Kirtan known as

“Babeha Amritwale boleya”

 I am giving link of YouTube so you can check it out now

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