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Hey, dear welcome to the website I Ashish a movie addict but by chance, Someone suggested to me the web series "Undekhi" and here I am writing a review of what is my experience after watching the web series Undekhi.

Firstly let me tell you that Undekhi is available on the Sony LIV app that is available for both iOS and android and you can download that free of cost from there and can give a watch to the movie. 

The Post is divided into three sections where 1st one is for the story of the Undekhi web series then the Review of Undekhi the last one is about cast and actings.

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Story of Undekhi Web Series

If you don’t want any spoiler then directly jump to the next section that is the Review of Undekhi web series. And if you want to know the story of the series then just go ahead and read the post without skipping anything.

The story starts with a murder of an Inspector in Jungle. Then the DSP of the jungle goes to Himachal Pradesh to review the case and found that the two girls from the place where the Inspector’s murder has happened are also in Himachal Pradesh and he was sure that the murder was done by one of the two girls only.

But a turn in the story is that one of the girls was shot on the Resort where they are doing their job of dancing by the owner of the resort and the girl died now the Cameraman saws all the incident and also showed that in his camera. But the thing is the owner also aware of that and kidnapped that one girl who is still alive, cameraman, and a person who came with two girls, Rinku(the adopted son of the owner of the resort) is doing all this stuff and just about to kill the three.

But suddenly the police come with a Search Warrant of the resort and founds nothing as Rinku takes them out of the resort for killing them. But in between, they managed to run away from the kidnapping and they lost in the jungle then the police, Rinku is after the three.

The cameraman and the other person were killed but the lady was still alive and maybe there will be a new Season of Undekhi is coming up.

Now just read the review and get to know that this is worth time spending in the web series.

Review of Undekhi Web Series

For two-line review readers:

The Undekhi web series is a must-watch the cinematography is top-notch which never gets you feel bored and acting in Undekhi is also “Undekhi” I mean they are just awesome! Just go for it and give it a try you never going to feel that you wasted your time watching Undekhi.

Proper Review of Undekhi Web Series:

Talking about acting:

All the actings are just realistic you never going to feel that you are watching a movie I mean a screen all will feels like that this is happening in front of your eyes and talking about beast acting as per me is of Rinku(The negative lead role) he just blown out everything with his acting skills and you just feel him as an actual criminal as you watching the Undekhi. All are done very well on the screen.

Talking about the story:

The story is the soul of any movie, serial, web series and the Soul of Undekhi is like I never watched before. The story is just relating to the real world, the real situation of India, and the things that still happened to some backward areas.

The story revolves around the murder of the Inspector and a Dancer and finding the victims. That’s all I in the mood of telling just go to the Sony LIV app and give it a watch.

Talking about the Roleplay:

Acting are just amazing of everyone I nowhere feels that the acting is off of any of the actor everyone gets roles as per their nature and they are doing well in that case. Somewhere I felt the father of Rinku is doing over sometimes but I don’t think that comes under overacting. And out of all, I want to appreciate the acting of the Rinku, The policeman(DSP), and The cameraman.

Talking about negatives:

I’ll only say that the ending should be better but is easy to say sitting in front of my laptop, not in the real field. I think they ended to come up with a new season of Undekhi.

There are no such negatives but if I still have to find something then the episodes are slightly stretched not much but slightly, but you will never going to find that boring because of amazing cinematography.

And if are a viewer of movies and switching to web series by Undekhi then you are going to feel that every web series are slightly stretched.

But I think web series are worth the time spend on that as compared to movies.


Undekhi Cast:

  • Harsh Chhaya as Papaji or owner of resort,
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya as DSP Ghosh,
  • Abhishek Chauhan as Rishi or Cameraman,
  • Surya Sharam as Rinku or Rajender Singh Atwal,
  • Anchal Singh as Teji,
  • Ayn Zoya as Saloni,
  • Sayandeep Sengupta as Shastwat,
  • Ankur Rathee as Daman Atwal,
  • Apeksha Porwal as Koyal,
  • Vaarun Bhagat as Lucky,
  • Apurva Soni as Kanak,
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Dhaundiyal,


And a lot of characters are there I explained some of the lead ones. So if want to know about anyone else then comment down below I will answer it before 8 hours.

Conclusion :

Just go and give it a watch and you should come here and appreciate my post by sharing it with your friends and family and you can also comment below if you found anything wrong written in this video. I will correct that as soon as possible.


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