Chaman Bahar movie Story and Review, Chaman Bahar jeetu bhaiya movies

Hello guys welcome to our website today I just watched Chaman bahar movie.

Now I am going to give you a brief or you can say review about the movie how the Chaman bahar movie is,  what are the the roles of Jeetu bhaiya in it.

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Chamna Bahar movie Review without Spoiler

So first of all this is the review without any spoiler.  the story starts when a a foresters son leaves his job of a forest guard and opens  a  shop of pan.

But the road there is replaced by another road which will go to a government building.

Because of that all the rush from the road is gone and now there is no one on the road and his shop is going to shut.

But then a family moves there and and in that family a person is there because of which rush is again comes to the road because of that the shop of Chaman bahar again start booming.

Now the thing is there is a lot of fights there and because of that police involved in this matter and they basically  torture the main Hero.

So now story and with a beautiful message that we should respect everyone we not have to judge anyone on behalf of what others says.

Should I watch Chaman Bahar Movie

My word about the movie is a basically on both of the sides what I would prefer to you is if you can watch the movie for the best acting and  direction.

 The story of the movie is not that great that you must watch this movie.

 but for the acting of actors I would say you you can watch the movie you have time if you want to know about the story below is that mentioned.

Chaman Bahar Movie Review or Chaman Bahar movie Story

Hello dear now I am going to tell you about the full story of movie Chaman bahar.

Let's start with the starting

At first the movie start when they foresters sun a forest guard is in the forest and doing his job then suddenly a beer appears and he frightened from that year and left his job.

Then she thought to start his own business in the form of a pan shop.  his father was not into to this he want him to do the job but he neglected his father and started his own shop.

But then due to a broker hi court the shop where no one is on the road and there is no customers on his shop.

A family moves into to the house that was just in front of that Pan shop.

In that family a beautiful girl is there and all the youth becomes mad for that girl.

All the youth come with the girl at the time of school holiday or when she comes out of her house.

Due to this the rush is there on the pan shop and he is doing a great business. 

The story have a twist when the pan shop owner dropped into the love of girl and he himself killed the rush out of road and all his business gone.

Then he he thought to propose the girl but suddenly a police officer came and beated him.

After that he started writing name on the notes and streets v that the girl named Rinku is Bewafaa.

Then police arrested him and the story ends after he got bail.


So where is the review of the movie please share it with your friends and do let me know in the comment section about your views on the review Chaman Bahar.

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