What does the movie Udaan teach?

 Hey friends this is going to be a very simple and a short post we are about the movie Udaan Review or you can say what does Udaan movie teach us.

Udaan Movie Review without spoilers

Udaan movie is basically about a boy who is struggling in his studies and he has only his father as his mother is not alive. 

 His father have responsibility to raise him and his father is a alcohol addict.  So the boy have to do what his father wants him to do.

 And finally took a step leave his father alone and he stepped out of his house.

Udaan Movie Review in Brief

Now talking about the Udaan movie in brief so basically the story starts when he goes to school and his father beats him for his low marks.

And because not able to score good marks and fielding in his school so his father sent him to his factory. 

Took the work of labour from him so you finally decided to leave the house and factory work.

What does the Movie Udaan Teach?

According to me the movie can be in great for parents but it is not that great for the children because it will give a wrong message to the children that if their parent in scold them for reason they still think that their parents disturbing their freedom.

 But  that is not the case every time and in every parent's situation sometime parents just school their children for a better cause but but the film she is is you you must leave the house if anything is done to you by your parents.

 I must say that what the situation is in movie is wrong but the message to the young population is also not that great.

In India most of the population of parents scold their children for betterment of their child because they have seen this from their parents.

We can not totally blame our parents that they are wrong everytime. We must take their advice and should give it a think.

What I can assure you is that they can give your a bad idea but Parents Intention is never wrong. 

Parents are the only one who thinks only good for their child. They will never going to feel jealous for you achievements in your life.

Should I recommend you to watch Udaan Movie?

According to me if you are a parent 

I say you should watch this movie and respect your child decisions because they have their own mind and they should be given freedom for their life choices you cannot bound them for hold their life.

Because now a days child are more indulging in suicides so be ready to grow your child good and don't recommend such kind of movies. I know there is a great IMDb rating but be careful and tell your child about how important they are in your life.

But if you are a child and feeling bad about your parents then you must not watch this movie because it will give you a wrong  idea that your parents are thinking wrong for you but that is a not the case parents can never think wrong for their child.


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