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Today we are going to discuss about a very beautiful movie that is available on Amazon Prime and that is After 2019 this movie was released back in 2019.

It is the first part then after that 3 more parts of After Movie was released back to back every year one in year 2020 and one in 2021 and the latest one in year 2022.

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After 2019 Movie Review.

After movie review Without Spoiler

Talking about story of this movie this is a simple yet good story. The thing is that most of the things are predictable in this movie yet you will not lose you interest watching this movie because the scenes videography  is good.

The cast have played there roles pretty well and you can watch this movie once. There is not something like extraordinary thing in this movie so that I can say that you must watch this movie.

It is a story about a girl who wasn't supposed to fall in love with anyone out there in her new college because she is already in a relationship with her school friend from childhood. Yet things have gone wrong and you can read below if want to know more about the story.

It is a good one time watch for the weekend.

Some Spoiler but great Review of Movie After.

The movie start with a admission of a naive girl into a college and she is not familiar with what kind of stuff usually happens in colleges now days.

She is a kind of girl who have not loosed her virgi*ity even she is having a boyfriend from her childhood. But still she is so simple and only does in her life that her mom told her to do.

But then after getting in college she eventually fall in love with the son of chancellor of that particular college.

And then she left alone as the was doing all that just because she wanted her physically only, nothing more than that.

After Movie Hindi Dubbed

Till now there is not legal or illegal dub of After movie in Hindi is available or not in any other language this is just available in English language only.

After Movie Watch Online

Watch online After movie from Prime Video by downloading and subscribing for it.

After Movie Download

You can watch this movie and download it on Amazon Prime Video

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